About the business:

Aspen Turf got its start in a desire to have things done the right way. After having a subpar experience with a treatment provider and my own yard, I knew there was a better way for treatments that would yield better results. I started with learning and treating my own yard and then expanded to treating yards of family members who were experiencing similar issues. During that time, I found that I enjoyed treating lawns and overcoming the challenges each yard presented, and my passion grew. After years of dreaming about starting a business treating yards and doing things the right way, Aspen Turf Solutions LLC was launched in October of 2021.

About the name:
Many people ask how we got our name, considering we are in Louisiana and absolutely nowhere near Colorado or mountains for that matter. Our first family home was on a little street called Aspen Drive. That house holds many special memories for my family and myself. That little lot on Aspen Drive is where I found my passion for lawn care.

Our family also enjoys going to Colorado to snow ski on occasion, this is where our motto "Helping your lawn reach its peak" comes into play. We made the connection from our enjoyment of the mountains and snow skiing to our first home. Our name is in ode to those special memories where we started our business and our family.

About the Owner/Operator:
Aspen Turf is a local family owned and operated business. If you are doing business with us you will be interacting with either my wife or myself. I have lived in NW Louisiana my entire life. I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Agricultural Business in 2012. After graduation I went to work at Helena Chemical Company, an agricultural chemical company, selling many of the same products that I use now. Life had different plans for me and in 2017 I began teaching chemistry in a local public school system. My family has a background in education and I always wanted an opportunity to be in the classroom. I have recently made a subject change and have begun teaching Agricultural Sciences. Over the past 10 years I have found a passion for lawn care and helping people get the yard of their dreams.